In case you havent heard of Castos, they are one of the few places to reliably host an audio podcast in an easy way. In fact, here at the interface all three of our podcasts are hosted with Castos and the the experience has been great. However, what isn’t so great is trying to monetise a podcast. It can often be a time consuming process of making deals for each episode ahead of time, reading the ads or editing them in to the episode. Thankfully, Castos have been working on a way for anyone making a podcast to be able to automatically insert dynamic ads into your shows for free.

Castos announced the new feature last week and at the time of writing, users can apply to join the early access program. Once the new feature launches it’ll automatically place ads before and after the podcast, but at this time not inside the show. You’ll be able to view total ad impressions, earnings and more. Castos has also said the back catalog of episodes will be updated with the ads.

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