Twitter is planning on launching a new cheaper plan of its ‘Verification for Organizations’ program which for $1,000 / £1,140 per month businesses can get a square profile picture and golden checkmark. This does offer some other benefits, scubas elevated tweets, access to premium support from Twitter as well as the other benefits of Twitter Blue, such as longer tweet support and the ability to edit tweets. Organisations that are verified can also add associated users and subsidiaries for an additional fee per month.

However, considering the price of the ‘Verification for Organizations’ program, some people have been asking Elon Musk if there would be a cheaper plan designed for smaller businesses.

So far, no further details have been revealed about he price or even when the plan could launch. The designation as to what constitutes a small business and larger business could be down to the amount of associated accounts, ones that get the badge next to the profile (see Elon’s Twitter logo).

At this time, only one business can be associated per user, something that is being worked on changing to multiple. In Elon’s case, he is CEO of Tesla, SpaceX, Boring Company and Twitter so he could in theory have four business badges on his profile.