The all new MG Cyberster was announced today at MG’s London Design office, with a few members of the media in attendance. The launch has given us the first glimpse of the upcoming EV sports car in real life, not in video simulations or animations. The car was leaked back in July 2022 from Chinese patent images and shortly afterwards, it was announced that in April 2023, MG would be unveiling the the car. Here we are in May 2023 and MG has debuted the car, in the metal to the UK market. The company will put the new car on sale in summer 2024 priced from £55,000 for a rear-wheel-drive 309bhp version. Weight is a big thing for a sports car, this one is at 1850kg – 750kg more than the MG TF.

Just last month, pretty detailed photos were leaked again from Chinese government fillings.

Later on, a four wheel drive model will become available with even more horsepower. That model is expected to cost from £65,000. Inside there is a yoke style steering wheel, although the company has said that at launch, a more traditional steering wheel will be available. There is a trim-screen setup, which will no doubt support Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

MG’s UK sales have been booming for years, and in 2022 it exceeded 51,000 units, more than five times their level five years ago. Recent growth for MG across Europe has been even more spectacular: sales were below 1000 units in 2019, yet they are expected to hit 120,000 by the end of 2023

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