Today, the 12th May 2023 this website turns ten years old. I started this blog back in 2013 I started it as a side project over the summer, after I had finished school. Back then, it was called A&T Tech. This website you see here was launched in around 2015, but for the first few years it was a Facebook only entity where the articles in full would get published to the Facebook page, Twitter and Google+ at the time. These would all link back to Facebook.

Not for a second would I have believed it would be what it is today. I rebranded the site to the interface in November 2021 and with some help from my good friend James Bilsbrough, last year it was treated to some new logos which look fantastic.

What’s Next?

So what’s next for the interface? – Well in 2022, we started our first podcast Creator Spotlight which is currently in Season 2. In this show I talk to some of the best creators in their fields, from bloggers, YouTubers, journalists and more.

Late last year, Charging Status was started with James from Crossed Wires but due to some unforeseen circumstances, this become an the interface production last month. In this show, me and Jim Starling from DefinitelyNotAGuru talk about the latest EVs and what cars we have been driving.

Early this month, our third podcast was started, UI Chat in which me and Willie Howe talk about the latest Ubiquiti news.

We have some great stuff coming soon, with a heaver focus on video. Check out our YouTube channel here.