Last year, Ubiquiti launched UI Care in the US its new extended warranty program. It was in available on the UDM Pro, UDM SE and the two Pro PoE switches. However, since then it has expanded to pretty much everything, including the Enterprise PoE switches, Cloud Key Gen2 Plus, UNVR, UDW and Mission Critical Switch. However, up until now it has only been available in the US. Starting last week, Ubiquiti has since expanded UI Care out to the EU and UK, with plans starting at £41.21 for five years coverage on the Cloud Key Gen2 Plus.

What does UI Care get you?

The plan runs for five years and gets you an extended warranty with a one off payment. There is a priority RMA service, which Ubiquiti claims that you’ll get your replacement hardware the next business day. This also comes with unlimited replacements too. The shipment back to Ubiquiti is also free, something they make you pay for at the moment if you don’t get UI Care.

More information can be found here.