Yesterday, Ubiquiti completely revamped its Canadian website and with it came a new leaked G4 Doorbell Pro PoE which was spotted by Reddit user u/_alexrobert. The new site has been overhauled with a focus on the store, rather than being a separate site and it seamlessly blends into the product listings. However, a new camera was spotted which is everything that people have been asking for – a G4 Doorbell Pro with support for PoE directly on the unit. The current G4 Doorbell Pro does indeed support PoE, but you need an external converter that Ubiquiti sells to go from RJ45 to USB-C.

The product listing has since been removed, but u/_alexrobert managed to get a link to the PDF which you can find here. This details the new PoE powered Doorbell as well as a PoE powered Smart Chime. The current Smart Chime plugs into a standard mains outlet, but only comes in EU and US SKUs, which for users in the UK (yours truly) is a bit of an issue. The new one is PoE powered which will also reduce the need for another wireless accessory.

In terms of price, the author mentions that he recalls seeing $508CAD listing, but this is yet to be confirmed. The kit includes the Doorbell and Chime.