It has been rumoured for a while that Ubiquiti is working on a NAS server. Heck, they even put out a poll on Reddit not long ago asking if people wanted to see one. In the new revamp of the Canadian Ubiquiti website, the company has so far managed to leak at least two new products. We reported today on the new upcoming G4 Doorbell Pro PoE that was spotted by a Reddit user and now, in the supporting images for the Flex XG switch a new Ubiquiti branded NAS server has been spotted by Cody, from Mactelecom Networks.

The image itself isn’t the best quality, designed to be a smaller image on the site. However, we can see the Ubiquiti logo on top, as well as a LCM screen on the front, presumably to show how much storage is used and available.

The image can be seen now on the product listing for the XG Switch.