Today, Volkswagen has put the new Amarok pickup truck on sale here in the UK, with prices starting fro £34,055 ex VAT. The new truck replaces the outgoing model, which was launched back in 2010 with some refreshes in-between. Thanks to the recent partnership between Ford and Volkswagen, the new truck is based on the all-new Ford Ranger and some evidence of that can be found on the inside, with the portrait screen that Ford has been using recently.

Other Ford and VW crossover continues with the engine choices, all the engines and gearbox options are very similar, if not identical to what is offered with the Ranger. Only one engine option comes with a manual gearbox here, everything else is automatic. Base model, Life comes with a 168bhp 2.0-litre diesel as well as a 10-inch portrait screen for the infotainment. Wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto is supported here.

Volkswagen is only sharing the core shell of the Ranger, pretty much everything else is brand new and bespoke to the Amarok.

The new Volkswagen Amarok is on sale now in the UK. priced from £34,055 ex VAT.