This week, Ubiquiti has moved one of its second generation UniFi Access devices out of EA onto the general availability store. Ubiquiti launched the new G2 Professional a few months ago and it has seen a relatively quick beta process, compared to other Ubiquiti devices. The old Access Reader Professional used a FrontRow camera shell with a round screen and integrated camera for people to see who is at the door. The new device is much slimmer and has a better weather ratting, IP55 vs IP54 on the older unit.

UniFi Access is Ubiquiti’s home grown door access control system, with PoE hubs to power cameras, door entry systems and much more. It requires a UniFi OS Console to run, which is a UDM Pro, UDM SE, UDR, UDW or a Cloud Key Gen2 Plus.

The price has gone up, from $299 to $359. It is on sale now via the US Ubiquiti Store.