Ubiquiti revealed the UniFi Mobile Router (UMR) back in November 2022, advertised as a unique 4G device for fleets to tracking vehicles, thanks to the integrated GPS. It would also be useful as a travel router, for RVs, caravans, motorhomes or to use while using hotels if the WiFi isn’t too great. Announced to the EA store initially, it looks pretty unchanged apart from the colour, which seems to be only available in white at the time of writing. When it was revealed, it was only available in black.

On the front is a 1.3-inch LCM screen which gives you infomaition about the carrier, signal level, throughput and more. The UMR is only a CAT4 4G device with 2.4GHz, so only up to 150mbps / 50mbps is supported, but you can also power another PoE device from it if needed using the PoE output. The UMR is powered by PoE at 48v, but can also be by USB-C or a ATX DC connector.

The UMR is listed on all of Ubiquiti’s stores, but is labelled as “coming soon” with a price of $199 US and £159 UK. The model in the US has a pre-installed AT&T SIM and is likely locked to AT&T, considering the other 4G devices Ubiquiti has made. Here in the EU and UK, it looks to be unlocked – so any SIM can be used. “Bring your own AT&T SIM will be available in July 2023 with a Mobility Cloud subscription.”

UK Store Link

US Store Link