Today, Caterham has announced the addition of a new model to its lineup, the very first electric car from the brand. The car will be shown off later this year in July at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. The car looks pretty identical to other cars from Caterham and will have the same sort of performance as the existing petrol Seve 485, which has 237bhp.

Caterham says it’ll have enough battery power to be able to run flat out at a test track for 20 minutes and then recharge in just 15 minutes, using a 150kW charger.

The prototype units used a 50kWh battery pack, 322bhp motor and limited slip differential. In terms of weight, not much has been added, weighing in at just 701kg, vs 626kg for the petrol Seven 485.

Caterham has said that this car won’t be on sale anytime soon, but it is working on it becoming a production car. It’ll make its debut in July at Goodwood.