We reported earlier this month that Tesla had stopped offering all right-hand drive versions of the Model X and Model S throughout the world, affecting customers in the UK, Japan and more. For customers who had ordered cars and had been waiting for multiple years, this was a huge disappointment.

So much so that many customers have decided to cancel their orders, even with the promise of three years free Supercharging to go with it. Some customers have opted to seek alternatives from Mercedes and Porsche, with some pre-orders going back to late 2020.

To give some customers peace of mind, Tesla is running an event from 28th May to 30th May to allow reservation holders a chance to try a left-hand drive car in the UK. However, driving a LHD car in the UK can be risky, especially for overtaking.

Tesla doesn’t sell that many Model S and Model X cars in the UK, with he Model S and Model Y taking up pretty much all of the company’s sales. The Model Y is the best selling car in the world, for Q1 2023.