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Show Notes

This month, Alex was joined my Evan McCann from the Ubiquiti focused website, McCann Tech. Willie Howe will be back next month and every month we discuss the latest Ubiquiti hardware and software announcements and talk about Willie’s latest projects and videos.

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00:00:00: Intro
00:01:14: Nickolas Sharp, from Ubiquiti arrested for ransom
00:05:51: Dream Wall now available in UK and EU
00:08:00: UI Care now available in UK and EU
00:08:23: New Ubiquiti website
00:10:43: UISP 2.2.12
00:14:42: G4 Doorbell Pro…. with PoE?
00:17:25: Ad
00:17:47: UniFi NAS
00:19:41: unifi.ui.com page updated to support old UCK
00:20:27: UniFi Talk might be coming to UK and EU
00:22:29: AI DSLR Camera
00:25:09: UniFi Access G2
00:29:06: UniFi Talk Softphone
00:30:10: UniFi Mobile Router (UMR) now GA

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