This week, Fiat has revealed that going forward, it’ll not be manufacturing cars in grey, promoting the colours of Italy instead. Here in the UK, grey is the most popular colour for a car so it is a bold move to stop offering it, but the company is going for a more vibrant look, which is good as the UK car market looks positively dull in terms of colours.

“We broke the rules: we decided to stop the production of Fiat grey cars. This is challenging and disruptive and it is aimed at further reinforcing Fiat’s leadership as the brand of joy, colours and optimism. This choice further communicates to people the new ‘dolce vita’ values and the Italian DNA embodied by the brand.”

Olivier Francois, Fiat CEO

Starting with the upcoming Fiat 600, which will go on sale later this year Fiat will start offering it in new shades named after the colours of Italy. The colours will represent the sea, sun, earth and sky from the country. Fiat offers the 500, 500e, 500x, Panda and Tipo all of which now come in new colours, white, orange, red, blue, green, gold and black.

According to the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) grey is specced on more a one in four cars in the UK.

By 2030, Fiat will be going all electric and only has the one EV model on sale, the 500e.