Ubiquiti has launched the new G5 Pro camera for use with UniFi Protect and is on sale now in the USA, Canada, UK and Europe. The G5 Pro essentially replaces the G4 Pro and is even less expensive too. As of writing, the G5 Pro is out of stock but thanks to the advancements Ubiquiti has made with the G5 line, the new camera should perform better in low light scenarios with even better IR night vision than the G4 Pro.

The G4 Pro is listed for £430.80 in the UK and the new G5 Pro is £363.60. You still get the same 4K 8MP sensor, 3x optical zoom but the IR night vision is improved, now up to 25m (82ft) vs 15 m (50 ft) with the G4 Pro. A new optional floodlight and IR enhancer is now available to be added on to the G5 Pro which features a floodlight and IR blaster, which should result in improved night vision.

The “G5 Professional Vision Enhancer” is listed for £94.80 in the UK and since the G5 Pro was available in EA in the past, Ubiquiti has outlined that only G5 Pro cameras purchased after 13/06/23 are compatible.