UniFi Talk has been offering UniFi Talk in the US since July 2021 and since June 2023 for Canada. However, many people have been asking for support for more countries. Well, when Ubiquiti redesigned the store the all of the UniFi Talk phones were added to the store for pretty much all areas, including the EU and UK a place where UniFi Talk is not yet available. However, we spotted over the last few dats that on the EU and UK stores, all of the UniFi Talk devices have now been moved to ‘Coming soon’ with an added sentence to say that; “UniFi Talk will be available in the UK in Q3 2023 and in Germany in Q4 2023.”

Q3 2023 runs from 1st July to 30th September so in the next few months, Ubiquiti should be launching UniFi Talk in the UK. Then the service will come to Germany in Q4 2023, late this year. So far, Ubiquiti has the Phone Touch Max and Phone Touch listed both as unlocked and locked as well as the UniFi Talk ATA. Check out the UniFi Talk devices here.