This week, Fiat has announced that its take on the Citroën Ami will be coming to the UK next year, after it was revealed earlier in June. The car uses the Ami has a base, since both car companies are under the Stellantis umbrella. Fiat is aiming the car at Generation Z buyers specifically and is primarily designed for urban environments.

Like the Ami, the Topolino uses a 8bhp electric motor, with a range of 47 miles. This makes it perfect for city and urban use. Fiat has given its own spin on the car, with a trim level without doors, using ropes instead as well as a retractable cloth roof. The car only comes in one colour, to keep costs down (Verde Vita) and doesn’t use identical front and rear panels. these are different. Elsewhere, the interior and wheel are only offered in one style.

The Topolino pulls a lot of insirtation from the Fiat 500, with round headlights and lozenge shaped rear lights.

Like the related Citroën Ami and Opel Rocks-e, the Fiat Topolino will be manufactured in Morocco in the same factory and is pretty identical in size to its cousins at 2535mm long, 1530mm high and 1400mm wide.

Fiat will offer the Topolino in the UK in 2024. Prices are not yet confirmed, but the Ami is on sale now from £8,095.