Ubiquiti has recently debuted the UniFi Protect AI Pro camera, which builds upon the AI Bullet camera with the addition of 4K video, 3x optical zoom and two way audio. Being an AI camera, it can detect people, vehicles and read license plates.

The AI Pro is listed on the various worldwide UI stores for £478.80 UK, $499 US and more. In the US it is currently sold out, but is listed as “coming soon” for the UK store.

One interesting thing we noted is that the AI Pro has a USB-C port on the rear, in the same place as the new G5 Pro camera. The G5 Pro can now be used with an optional floodlight and IR extender, so this may be something that Ubiquiti is working on for the AI Pro.

You can check out the new AI Pro on the official Ubiquiti stores. UK Store Link and US Store Link.