The Volkswagen Golf could be set to go automatic only, if new Euro 7 regulations are approved. The Golf has always had manual options and the iconic Golf GTI has been available as a manual all the way back to 1975 with the original. The up! GTI was manual only and up until recently, so was the Polo GTI.

However, pending changes to the emissions regulations could remove the manual Golf all together, causing an issue for the Golf GTI which is pretty close to its 50th anniversary in 2025. The current Mk8 Golf GTI automatic currently retails for £39,435, £1,500 more than the manual. When the Golf is refreshed, if there any marginal price increases this could push the Golf GTI above £40,000.

For the emissions, the difference between the manual and automatic Golf GTI is so small, just 2g/km of CO2 is produced however, when multiplied over many models sold, this can obviously add up.

At this stage, the Euro 7 regulations are yet to be full signed off and Volkswagen has not yet confirmed if this change will impact other models, such as the up!, Polo, T-Cross, Taigo, T-Roc and Arteon – all of which are available with manual gearboxes.