In a recent EA version of the UniFi Network controller, the new upcoming smaller routing products from Ubiquiti have been leaked. u/NotStewpidAidan over on Reddit found the images within the files of the new network controller version, with references to a UXG Pro V2, UXG and a new UX device.


This is probably the most interesting, with it going to be called “UniFi Express” with add on mesh nodes, much like how AmpliFi works, Ubiquiti’s sub-brand. Judging by the FCC reports, it is going to have WiFi built in and might be an easy way for less technical folks to get up and running with UniFi. The UniFi brand is also so strong at this stage, it makes sense to use it instead of AmpliFi.


The new UXG is something people have been clamouring for, for ages now. Ever since the UXG Pro was announced in 2020, it took so long to go on sale (almost two years) and at that stage the USG and USG Pro were becoming so long in the tooth and at this stage in 2023, the USG line don’t even get any new feature updates that the UXG Pro enjoys. Not to mention the price gap between the USG and UXG Pro. An upcoming smaller UXG will definitely go down a treat, especially with the new Site Magic features, Teleport VPN and more.

Read the full details over on Reddit.