Ubiquiti has recently launched the new UISP Power device, providing an easy way to give battery backup capability to the UISP Console, UISP Router, UISP Router Pro, UISP Switch and UISP Switch Pro. Note that the UISP Switch and UISP Router need to be used with the UISP Box to be compatible with the UISP Power. This device can be powered from two 27v mains power supplies, by slotting in the the TransPort Adaptor and then the integrated 115Wh Li-ion backup battery can provide backup power to the devices.

Output is via one TransPort connector, which can be used to power up any of the UISP Routing and Switching products. An external battery connector can be used with an optional 24V lead-acid battery for longer run time. The UISP Power is on sale now in the US, EU and UK priced from $299 US, €330 EU and £286.80 UK. At the time of writing, it is in stock in the US, coming soon in the EU and out of stock in the UK.

US Store Link

EU Store Link

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Use case

What is the use case of the UISP Power? Well, for now this is targeted at smaller ‘MicroPoP’ installations. Such as small WISP deployments with one or two access points and an uplink and downlink to other sites. When used in conjunction with the UISP Switch and UISP Box, everything can be kept out of the way with minimal cables coming down the poles into a box, for example. The most you would need is two power cables going to the UISP Power device. Ubiquiti has more UISP Power devices coming soon, such as the UISP Power Pro which will be for larger installations.