Ubiquiti has recently launched the new UISP Power Pro, following on from the smaller UISP Power device that Ubiquiti released at the end of July. The Pro version has support for three Power TransPort outputs, which can be used to power the UISP Console, UISP Router, UISP Switch, UISP Router Pro and UISP Switch Pro. One large site could have a UISP Router and UISP Switch Pro with room on the UISP Power to spare. Additionally, larger sites could use two UISP Power devices if required.

The smaller UISP Power has a small battery housed internally, with the possibility to expand to 24V lead-acid battery. However, the UISP Power Pro can only be used with an external battery and comes with the necessary cables to achieve this. In theory, you could add multiple 24v batteries in parallel to gain more run time when not using mains power. Additionally, the dual-PSU setup of the device allows for 480W when using both power supplies.

For even greater redundancy, Ubiquiti has equipped the UISP Power Pro with an LTE antenna, which can be mounted to the front of the device or externally, using the included cable. This will allow for SMS alerts to be sent when the mains power is offline and the device is running on battery backup. This does (Require a nano-SIM card from a Cat M1 SMS provider.)

The UISP Power is available now from the official UI Store in the UK, EU and US. Prices are £478.80 in the UK, but is sold out currently, $499 US and is in stock and EU €549,60, again also in stock.

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