Earlier this week, MG launched a new version of the MG4 with even more range than before. The new ‘Extended Range’ model has 323 miles of range and costs £36,495. The new model has a larger 74.4kWh battery pack, much larger than the Long Range model which has a 61.7kWh pack. This means that this model has an increase from 270 miles to 323 miles of range, some 20% increase.

The new car is around 63kg heavier than the Long Range and while expensive, it is undercutting the base price Volkswagen ID.3 by £620. That ID.3 has a 58kWh pack an 265 miles of range. In order to get roughly the same range as this new MG4 variant, you need to spend £42,870 on the ID.3 Pro which has a 77kWh pack and 347 miles of range.

Not only is the range improved, MG has also fitted it with a new motor with 20% more power at 241bhp and 40% more torque, at 258lb ft.

MG says the Extended Range can uses a 150kW charger and it’ll take 39 minutes to go from 10-80%.

Other than the new battery and motor, everything else is unchanged from the Long Range Trophy, you get a 360° camera, heated front seats and wireless phone charging. You also get the roof spoiler from the Trophy model.

The new MG4 Extended Range is priced from £36,495 in the UK.