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This episode, Alex and Jim discuss the Honda e coming to an end, their drives from the last few weeks, the new Vauxhall Corsa pricing and the Tesla Cybertruck.

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00:00:00: Ad
00:00:09: Intro, Chat and our drives
00:08:31: Jim joining Men & Motors
00:10:53: CarFest South
00:12:02: EV California
00:14:40: Different Show Approach
00:14:58: No Honda E replacement
00:23:28: Tesla Cybertruck finally enters production
00:28:23: Vauxhall reveals pricing for new Corsa
00:28:54: EV Depreciation
00:32:21: EV Toxic Comments
00:35:36: Jim might be getting an EV
00:38:35: Volvo now SUV only
00:41:13: ULEZ + 2030 Ban
00:46:29: Lightning Round
00:53:25: Plugging Jim

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