Just announced today, Descript, an editing tool for podcasts and video, has acquired SquadCast. SquadCast is something we use here at the interface to record Charging Status, UI Chat and Creator Spotlight. The company was founded back in 2016 and allows users to record video and audio podcast with people from remote locations, all while making sure data is going to be intact with cloud recordings, local file backups and more. Descript is going to be building SquadCast into its existent product and customers of Descript will have access to SquadCast at no extra cost.

Neither Descript or SquadCast have revealed a purchase price.

“We care about making a great product that lots of people are going to use and love, and it just feels like these products go together like it’s one product. None really felt like the great, first-class experience that we imagined where you could be in Descript and start a remote recording session and hit stop and your files are transcribed and start editing. It felt like the thing that once you had it that way you couldn’t have it any other way.”

Andrew Mason – Chief executive officer of Descript

Descript was founded back in 2017 with 120 current employees. The 10 employees from SquadCast will join Descript.