As of this month, Volvo is only selling SUVs in the UK, with S60 saloon, V60 and V90 estates removed from sale. Earlier this summer the larger S90 saloon was removed from sale, along with the V60 and V90 Cross Country estate models. This change was deemed to be part of a wider “consolidation” of the Volvo range. Last year, the S60 was temporarily removed, but was added back shortly afterwards.

However, Volvo as of now is an SUV only company and no longer sells its iconic estate cars. Customers can choose from the C40, EX90, XC40, XC90 and the XC60. The company also has a smaller EV SUV coming up with the EX30.

The Volvo factory in South Carolina is currently being revamped in order to manufacture electric SUVs for Volvo and Polestar.

However, this discontinuation of the estate and saloon cars doesn’t mean a full end, the company will still be providing bespoke cars to the UK police forces as and when needed.

Volvo customers are primarily buying SUVs in droves. The SUV outsold the saloon and estate product lineup by 70%. The best selling Volvo SUV was the XC60 in the first half of 2023, with 106,000 units sold. In comparison, the S90 was the most popular non SUV vehicle, with 23,000 sold in the first six months of this year.