BYD is still a very new brand here in the UK and Europe and if there is anything that’ll put potential buyers off, it’s a strange name for a car company. BYD is a huge Chinese battery manufacture and has only recently started to bring its cars to the UK and Europe. The brand name actually stands for ‘Build your dreams’ and this has had some controversial takes from car journalists as well as potential customers of the brand.

“I’m pleased to say that we’ve listened to customer feedback and thanks to our rapid supply chains, Seal models for Europe will have discrete badging.”

Tim Bryant – BYD European Customer Experience Manager

BYD has revealed that the ‘Build your dreams’ slogan will be removed from the Atto 3 and Seal, but the Dolphin hatchback will retain the slogan. The Dolphin has the lettering stamped into the tailgate, so removing it like on the other models wouldn’t be cost effective. We might have to wait for the refresh for this to be removed.