At the ongoing 2023 Munich Motor Show, Volkswagen has unveiled the all new ID GTI concept, which looks to be based on the previously announced ID.2 all electric car. The new car will be properly revealed in 2026 and then go on sale in early 2027, at this stage the car we see today is just a concept made out of wood and clay.

The new ID.GTI is based on the ID.2 concept car and that car is set to launch in the next few years, with a target price of £22,000. This new GTI version should be around £26,000, which is less than the current Polo GTI. Thomas Schäfer, Volkswagen CEO has said he wants iconic product names like GTI to stay around, even in the next generation of electric cars.

While the GTI brand will stay, this doesn’t mean the GTX branding is going away. This will be used for four wheel drive sports models, and then the R badge will be reserved for the most extreme models Volkswagen can come up with, we are yet to see a R branded EV from the company, however.

For the ID.2 and ID GTI, Volkswagen is using the MEB platform, but a modified version which is called MEB Entry. For the GTI, this means a “large battery”, which will likely be bigger than the 56kWh pack in the standard car and a front mounted electric motor and front wheel drive. No specs are yet available, but if the new upcoming Cupra Raval is anything to go by, it might have over 200bhp, 0-60mph in under 7 seconds and over 250 miles of range.

“With the ID GTI Concept, we are showing what a great future the GTI philosophy has. I already had the GTI in mind when I first put pen to paper for the ID 2. It’s now becoming reality and allowing us to project the GTI idea into the new age of electric mobility.”

Andreas Mindt – Head of Volkswagen Design

Looking at the concept model, it is littered in GTI badging, but the interior was unavailable to be viewed at the car show. Instead, Volkswagen has provided mockup drawings which should give us some indication of what they have planned.

The ID GTI is 4104mm long, 1840mm wide and 1499mm tall and is just a tad larger than the current ICE Polo GTI.