Apple has today started offering larger iCloud+ plans, with new tiers of 6TB and 12TB now available. The new larger plans were announced last week at the Apple event and they join the preexisting 50GB, 200GB, and 2TB storage plans. Apple has not made any changes to the base free tier, which remains at 5GB.

Apple describes the new 6TB plan as “ideal for photographers and content creators” and the 12TB plan is the “largest plan for advanced users.” When combined with Apple One, users can now access up to 14TB of iCloud Storage. 6TB is $29.99 US or £26.99 UK and 12TB is $59.99 US and £54.99 UK.

iCloud+ offers other benefits other than more storage, you get iCloud Private Relay, a VPN like service which protects IP addresses from being tracked online and in emails. You also get Hide My Email, which generates a unique email address and forwards to your main inbox as well as much more.