Renault has announced a new electric version of the Traffic, which has 184 miles of range. This now marks the time where the company now offers an electric version of every single van in its lineup. The new Trafic is based on the diesel version, meaning it isn’t a bespoke vehicle. The electrical motors are located under the bonnet with the batteries under the main floor of the van.

Renault offers two body lengths of the electric Trafic, with a maximum load length of 4.15 metres. The maximum payload is up to 1.1 tonnes.

The new electric Trafic has a 122bhp motor with 245Nm of torque, driving the front wheels. The battery pack is 52kWh and it has a range of 184 miles, when using the eco mode. Charging is limited to 50kW DC with an optional extra fast charge option, and by standard it is 22kW. For AC charging, it has a built in 7kW charging system.

With the introduction of the new electric Trafic, Renault now offers an electric van in every size category, with the Kangoo, Master and now the Trafic.