Ubiquiti was originally intended to launch UniFi Talk here in the UK in Q3 2023, at least thats what was planned according to the official Ubiquiti store. However, Q3 2023 has been and gone with it now being Q4 as of 1st October. Ubiquiti has offered some explanation when asked, stating “We are close on UK launch; hoping to have it in EA by the end of October.” This means that the ‘Early Access’ beta version should be launching by the end of this month, with a public general release sometime later on. However, considering that Ubiquiti has essentially promised a Q3 launch on its store, this isn’t the best of starts.

UniFi Talk is Ubiquiti’s second in-house attempt at providing VoIP services, back in 2013/2014 UniFi VoIP was launched and was then promptly scrapped. UniFi Talk does look more promising, with fast paced development time, launches in the US and Canada and a solid lineup of hardware. Ubiquiti has also promised a lineup of new phones soon too.

Source: Ubiquiti Community