Following on from the most recent WISPAPALOOZA, Ubiquiti has added a new device to the official store, with the Wave Professional a 60GHz PtMP CPE part of the Wave family. When Ubiquiti previewed its new 60GHz Wave platform in June 2023, the Wave Pro was featured but it had been yet to make an appearance, until now. The new CPE costs $599 in the US and €658.80 in the EU and UK. As of writing, the UK store is down again and purchases need to made in Euros until further notice.

Ubiquiti says the new Wave Pro has a PtP range of up to 15km and when connecting as a PtMP station, it has a range of 8km when connecting to a Wave AP and then 6km if using the Wave AP Micro. On 60GHz, you can expect maximum throughput of 5.4 Gbps (2.7 Gbps duplex) and when using the backup 5GHz radio, 800mbps. The 5GHz radio is designed to automatically failover when severe weather is encountered. For physical connectivity, there are 2 2.5GbE ports and one 10G SFP+ port, the latter using fibre.

The new Wave AP is available now in the US for $599 and at the time of writing, it is sold out. It is also available in the EU/UK store, but for now it is listed as ‘coming soon.’