This week, Ubiquiti has announced the new UXG Lite, which is dubbed as the replacement for the outgoing USG 3P and USG Pro 4. This new device comes around 18 months after the UXG Pro was made available, back in May 2022. Prior to that, the UXG Pro itself was announced in 2020. Now Ubiquiti is back with the UXG-Lite, priced at less than the USG 3P with heaps more performance, new form factor and USB-C for power.

Headline stats

  • Ubiquiti say “Up to 10x routing performance increase over USG (tested with IPS/IDS, QoS, and Smart Queues)”
  • 1Gbps routing with IPS/IDS enabled
  • USB-C for power
  • No native dual-WAN, however can be done using UniFi LTE or LTE Pro

The new UXG-Lite goes on sale in the US for $129 and EU for €144 on 20th November. In the UK and Canada for £123.60 / $172 but the release dates for these two have not yet been revealed.