Apple has been reported to have stopped running advertising on X following some antisemitic comments that Elon Musk has recently made. The social media network has recently been having issues with advertisers leaving the platform and the new CEO, Linda Yaccarino has a good background with dealing with advertisers.

Back in November 2022, Apple did pause advertising on X. At the time, Elon Musk accused the company off hating free speech and if the app was removed from the App Store, Elon threatened to make an alternative phone. In the end this never happened and the incident was resolved between Apple and X when Elon met Tim Cook at Apple Park in March this year. Shortly afterwards, Apple starting running ads on the platform again.

However, this week Apple has once again stopped running ads on X after some evidence came to light that Apple ads had been running next to some pro-Hitler content. Other organisations have also stopped running ads on X, with IBM and the European Union to name a few.