Ubiquiti broke its silence this week, with regards to the sunMAX SolarPoint. The device is pretty unique in this space combining four PoE ethernet ports, integrated MPPT charge controller, 24v DC output and remote management via the UISP application platform. However, the device has been out of stock for around 2-3 years with many people thinking the SolarPoint and related SolarSwitch were discontinued by Ubiquiti, as there wasn’t even any new software releases in that time frame.

However, in November Ubiquiti released 2.0.0 for the SolarPoint and SolarSwitch with support for some refreshed elements in the GUI as well as some basic support for the UISP mobile app. This was the first update for the device since 1.1.5 in 2020 and restarted the community interest in the device as well as some glimmer of hope Ubiquiti would start making the SolarPoint again. Well, today Ubiquiti has done just that. The SolarPoint came back in stock for the first time in 2-3 years on the US official store, however as of writing it is out of stock again.

SolarPoint is priced from $199.

US Store Link