Ubiquiti has expanded its 60GHz PtMP offering recently with the new Wave Pico, a small sized 60GHz PtMP CPE device, designed to be used in conjunction with the Wave platform utilising the Wave AP and Wave AP Micro as the main basestations. In terms of design, it is very similar to the NanoBeam 16 and 19 devices and that means installation familiarity for the installers in the field.

It supports 1.3km distance when connected to Wave AP devices and 0.9km with the Wave AP Micro, so this is designed for very local deployments, such as business parks where there isn’t the option for fibre. Max throughput is 2Gbps and it also features a 5GHz backup radio for use in poor weather conditions.

The new Wave Pico is live now in the official Ubiquiti Store for $179 in the US and £178.80 in the UK. In both markets it is listed as coming soon.

US Store Link

UK Store Link