Monzo, a relatively new bank (founded in 2015) here in the UK has now added support for mobile cheque deposits, a feature the company was talking about adding for around six years. Up until the most recent app update, Monzo customers have been able to deposit cheques but they would need to post them in, instead of scanning the cheque on the mobile app. Many more established banks have had this feature for a number of years, but considering the customer base of Monzo is understood to be primarily young, the need to support this might have been a bit further down the priority list.

The iOS app was updated on 4th March 2024 and version 5.63.0 has now added support for this feature.

To pay in a new cheque, all you need to do is go to Home > Tap on the three dots on the current account you wish to add the cheque to, as this does support personal and joint account > Tap ‘Add Money’ > Scroll down to ‘Other ways to add money’ > Then, Cheques. From there you can pay in any cheques less than £500 using the app, otherwise if it is over £500 you need to post the cheque to Monzo.