Gridserve has announced today that construction starts today for its fifth ‘Electric Forecourt’ location in the UK, after Braintree, Norwich and London Gatwick. The company now has two locations under construction, Stevenage and now Markham Vale. Gridserve is aiming to open the new Markham Vale location by the end of 2024, with a loose timeframe of winter. Like the other locations, it’ll have an abundance of super fast electric car chargers, with 30 planned as well as lots of amenities such as lounge area, meeting rooms, coffee shop, toilet facilities and shop. Gridserve also focuses on educating people about EVs and offers free one hour test drives of the latest EV models.

Location wise, it is located at Junction 29A on the M1, in-between Chesterfield and Bolsover. Being near the motorway is key place for EV chargers to be for people traveling up and down the country.

In terms of pricing, Gridserve currently charge 79p/kWh for rapid and medium chargers, putting them in the top few in terms of cost. For their 7kW chargers, it is 49p/kWh. Gridserve don’t have an app to use and instead take contactless on the chargers, or the AllStar network and don’t support the Octopus Electroverse network.

Source: Gridserve