Last year, I tested the new GWM Ora Funky Cat, now the Ora 03 on the Tesla Supercharger network. For those who don’t know, Tesla has been slowly opening up its network for all EVs to use. The main benefit of this is that Tesla charge in upwards of 50% less than the rest of the charging network, making it much more affordable.

GWM Ora 03 on Tesla Supercharger

Some Chinese EVs, namely MG seem to have some compatibility issues with using the Tesla Supercharger network. However, the GWM 03 works brilliantly, the car itself doesn’t have a very fast charging speed to begin with, at just 68kW but on our test, we a max of 58kW at 29% SOC. The car had also been driving for 52 minutes before getting to the charger, so it had plenty of time to warm up.


Speeds weren’t amazing, but the GWM Ora 03 does charge on the Tesla Supercharger network.