Ford has recently updated the full size E-Transit to help it compete better in the EV van space. Not that Ford needs to compete any time soon, as the E-Transit is the best selling large electric van, outselling its rivals by five to one. However, Ford has made some welcome changes such as a larger battery and faster AC and DC charging.

Larger Battery

The updated E-Transit now has a larger 89kWh battery pack, up by 28% and now offers 249 miles of WLTP range on one charge. Ford has also started to fit a heat pump as standard now on the extended range model.

Faster charging

AC charging has also been improved, increased from 11kW to 22kW, meaning a full charge in less than six hours. DC rapid charging has seen a huge jump, from 115kW to 180kW. This means, 10-80% in just 28 minutes.

Other features

The Pro Power system from the other EV Ford models has also been fitted too, allowing the use of the large battery for appliances, tools and more. Power output is rated at 2.3kW using a standard UK 3-pin socket.

The E-Transit also works with the Ford Pro smart system and app. By utilising the integrated 5G modem, fleet managers can see where vehicles are, check battery life, plan services and more.


Ford will be talking orders for the updated E-Transit later in 2024. For the first time, it’ll be available as a factory order minibus, with either the standard or extended battery packs.