Ubiquiti is currently experiencing issues with its remote access service, unifi.ui.com. The portal gives customers remote access to their remotely installed UniFi OS Consoles, which could be anything from a UNVR Pro storing footage from CCTV cameras or a UDM SE powering a school network somewhere. Ubiquiti posted an update to its status page saying that the issue will be affecting some customers and is affecting unifi.ui.com and UniFi Protect.

By the sounds of it, not all customers are affected so it could be a localised data centre issue, as for some applications Ubiquiti uses DigitalOcean which is compartmentalised into regions. Just earlier this month, DigitalOcean had an outage in the UK which affected UISP controllers.

For more information, visit status.ui.com where there will be displayed updates from Ubiquiti.