This week, Ubiquiti has dropped UniFi OS 2.x for the UDM and UDM Pro, but the release is only in the EA (Early Access) channels at the moment. Head of cybersecurity at Ubiquiti, Marcus Mariel tweeted out this week what UniFi OS 2.4 is out now for the UDM and UDM Pro. For quite a while, the UDM and UDM Pro have been out of sync with the newer UDM SE, UDR and UDW models with those devices already on UniFi OS 3.0 as of a few weeks ago, which is also the case for the UNVR, UNVR Pro and UCKG2 and UCKG2-Plus.

The main reasons for the delay is due to making sure the migration goes smoothly, as data could be lost – so Ubiquiti has been spending more time to ensure that these migrations go as smooth as possible. Based on public feedback from Reddit and Twitter the upgrade seems to be going smoothly, with a long time to upgrade which has already been outlined by Ubiquiti anyway. We know that Ubiquiti has been working on UniFi OS 2.x for UDM and UDM Pro since at least September 2022.

To stay within Ubiquiti’s ToS for the EA program, we won’t be sharing more than this here, but if you are a member of the EA program, by all means take a look on to see how it is going for folks. We would expect UniFi OS 2.x for the UDM and UDM Pro to hit GA sometime in January or February, depending on how the beta process goes.