Ubiquiti has today introduced the new AI Theta to the GA store in the EU and UK. The new micro camera was launched into the EA store back in August 2022 and comes with some optional accessories, such as a long distance lens, angle mount and audio device. Ubiquiti markets this as a camera designed for high end interiors, such as boutique shops, Apple Stores and other areas where large CCTV cameras could be an eyesore.

For the base model, it comes with a main module, and two lenses. The main module houses all of the computational components of the camera, i.e the power supply, motherboard, ethernet ports etc. The lens connects to the module using USB-C and can be placed elsewhere, such as in a ceiling or wall. The main module also has a small LCM display for monitoring the device status and a second USB-C port which can be used with the UVC-AI-Theta-Audio. This is a add on speaker and microphone which can be used for two-way audio, as the lenses don’t have microphones.

Ubiquiti also sells optional accessories, such as the mentioned UVC-AI-Theta-Audio, long distance lens and angle mount (pictured above). The main module is powered via 802.3af PoE. Lenses can be mounted up to 30 meters away from the main module.

All cameras support lens dewarping, smart detections, people tracking, 4K video and much more.

AI Theta is on sale now from the official Ubiquiti Store for €339.60 in the EU, £296.28 in the UK and $299 in the US.

EU/UK Store link

US Store link