We reported back in March 2023 that Tesco has removed support for Apple Wallet for the Clubcard. This was after Tesco had discontinued and removed the old Clubcard app from the iOS App Store. However, the last few weeks the Tesco app has been updated to support Apple Wallet once again. The benefits of using Apple Wallet is that the card can be used offline, as the Tesco app requires an active internet connection to load the Clubcard up. Also, for people who go out with just an Apple Watch, Apple Wallet cards sync between phone and watch.

How to add your Clubcard to Apple Wallet

Make sure the Tesco Grocery app is up to date. Then open the app and you should be greeted with the following message. If not, simply click on the profile icon in the top right, then ‘Clubcard Management’ then ‘Add your Clubcard to Apple Wallet’.

For more information about adding other loyalty card from apps and shops in the UK to Apple Wallet, see our full Apple Wallet UK Guide.