The new G5 Pro has gone on sale this week, and seems to offer pretty much all the same features as the G4 Pro all while costing less. The new camera uses the same 8MP sensor running at a 4K resolution, but thanks to significant improvements to low light image quality, it will likely perform better than the G4 Pro. A new accessory has been added, which connects to the back of the camera using USB-C and has IR boosters and a floodlight which should offer colour night vision.

The older G4 Pro costs $449 in the US, €494.40 in the EU and £430.80 in the UK. The new G5 Pro is now less, at $379 in the US, €418.80 and £363.60

G4 Pro

G5 Pro

Power Type



Camera Megapixel



Connectivity Method

Ethernet - 10/100/1000MbE

Ethernet - 10/100/MbE


White body

Black camera front

White body

Black camera front

Build Material

Polycarbonate & aluminum alloy

UV stabilized polycarbonate & aluminum alloy

Special Features

Blue LED ring to atract attention for motion events

Blue LED ring to atract attention for motion events
Supports new floodlight and IR enhancer


Max 50FPS

Max 30FPS





3840 x 2160 (4K)

3840 x 2160 (4K)

Night Vision

Integrated IR Blasters

Integrated IR Blasters

Weatherproof rating



Operating Temperature

-20 to 50° C (-4 to 122° F)

-20 to 50º C (-4 to 122º F)

Resistance rating




£430.80 UK / 

£363.60 UK / 


The new G5 Pro is already sold out at the time of writing in the UK and in stock in the US. If the image quality is as good as the G4 Pro, as well as the microphone then you can’t go wrong with the G5 Pro. In select countries, Ubiquiti is now offering UI Care for the G5 Pro which will cover it for five years with better RMA support times.

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