Apple Music

Apple Music free trial dropped from three months to one month

Since Apple announced its Apple Music service in 2015, it has offered a three month free trial for new users. However, starting this week Apple has now reduced this down to just one month, this is affecting users in the US, Canada, UK, Australia, Japan and more. Apple is still offering a six month free trial with a qualifying purchase of a HomePod, Beats or AirPods product and the pricing […]

Apple announces new Apple Music Voice plan, available soon

Apple has announced a new cheaper plan of Apple Music, one that is called “Voice Plan” which uses only Siri on the HomePod mainly, but it can be used on every other Apple device. The cheaper plan is aimed at more casual music listening, not a dedicated fee to use Siri. Apple Music Voice plan is an interface-less music streaming service, that you only use Siri to use. Think users […]

Apple Music coming soon to the new Mercedes MBUX infotainment system

Mercedes has announced recently that it is partnering with Apple to have native integration into its new MBUX infotainment system for Apple Music. Other companies have done this recently, with Porsche adding native Apple Music and Podcasts support last summer. The MBUX system comes on the C-Class, S-Class, and the all electric EQS and the Apple Music integration is different to CarPlay which needs a phone connected all the time, […]

Spatial Audio with Dolby Atmos support on Apple Music is coming to Android

Apple announced support for Spatial Audio with Dolby Atmos support inside of Apple Music at the tail end of last month. Support came to everyone on iOS 14.5 or later on Monday this week, shortly after the WWDC keynote. However, Apple has long supported Apple Music on Android and some rumours online have suggested that these new audio features wouldn’t be added. However, this doesn’t seem to be the case. […]

Apple Music Spatial Audio with Dolby Atmos is launching today

Apple announced Lossless Audio, Spatial Audio and Dolby Atmos last month and starting at some stage today, Spatial Audio will be made available. Apple announced this at the keynote for WWDC 2021 today and it is coming at no extra charge for existing Apple Music subscribers. Spatial audio tracks will work on all Apple and Beats headphones and earbuds that have he H1 or W1 chip, this means all versions […]

Apple announces new features for Apple Music, Spatial audio, lossless audio and more

This week, Apple announced new Apple Music features, with support for Lossless Audio, Spatial Audio and Dolby Atmos too. These features will come at no extra cost to existing subscribers and will be available next month. Apple has said that over 75 million songs will be available in Lossless Audio at launch and these will be in the ALAC codec, with the choice of various quality levels, from what Apple […]

Apple launches Apple Music TV in Canada and the UK

Today, Apple has launched its Apple Music TV service outside of the US for the first time, with a launch in the UK and Canada starting today. The service launched in the US last year in October and offers a constant stream of music videos, live videos that runs 24 hours a day within the Music app on iOS and the Apple TV app. Some of the Apple Music 1 […]

New Tesla update hints that Apple Music support may be coming

Tesla has long only offered Spotify in its cars, as well as music from your phone on any service using Bluetooth or USB but with Spotify, the car can stream directly from the service using the integrated 4G connection. However, with a recent update to the software on the Tesla cars, it may be looking like support for Apple Music and Amazon Music might be coming soon. Support for Tidal […]

Apple Music is now available on Google Nest speakers and displays

Today Google announced that Apple Music is now coming to its range of Google Nest speakers and displays in the US, UK, France, Germany and Japan only at this stage, it is unclear if there is plans to bring it to more countries down the line. Apple Music will be available on the newer models Google makes, the Nest Audio, Nest Hub Max and Nest Mini to name a few. Users […]