Apple Pay

Lowe’s stores in the US now accept Apple Pay

Lowe’s retail stores in the USA have been a longtime holdout of accepting Apple Pay in its physical stores. The company has been accepting Apple Pay online and in its app for a long time, but for various reasons it has been a hold out when it comes to accepting contactless and Apple Pay in its stores. Apple Pay support commenced on 20th December this year, according to various Lowe’s […]

Kroger in the US is now finally accepting Apple Pay in store

Starting today, long time hold out of supporting Apple Pay, Kroger a supermarket chain in the US is now accepting Apple Pay and other contactless services, such as Google Pay and presumably, contactless credit cards too. Customers can now visit the store and use their Apple Watch or iPhone to pay at the checkout. Throughout the US, Kroger has 1,200 locations and at this stage, it isn’t clear if the […]

Third-party browsers in iOS 16 and iPadOS 16 seem to support Apple Pay

In the most recent betas of iOS 16, Apple seems to have added support for Apple Pay to work on third-party browsers such as Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. Since Apple Pay was launched back in 2014, it has only be available to use on the web via Safari on iOS, macOS and iPadOS. However, with the ongoing development to iOS 16 since June, Apple has now seemingly added support […]

Taiwan Railways Administration now supports Apple Pay for tickets

The Taiwan Railways Administration announced this week that it is now supporting Apple Pay for customers to use to purchase train tickets using the official TRA app. The train company made the availability live on 7th September and points out it is much more convenient for customers. TRA also has a new rewards system, passengers can earn points when using the mobile app to purchase tickets. Points get earned and […]

Visa now supports Apple Pay in Japan

Starting today, Visa will now be supporting Apple Pay in Japan for its credit and debit cards. This means that for Visa cards that have been issued by Aplus, SMBC Finance Service, NTT DoCoMo, Credit Saison, JACCS, Mitsui Sumitomo Bank Card, and Rakuten will now be able to add cards to iPhone, Mac, Apple Watch and iPad. Japan as a culture is a cash prominent society, despite this the country […]

Apple Pay to launch in Israel next month

According to some reports in the country, Apple Pay is due to launch in Israel next month. As highlighted by MacRumors, the site Calaclist has reported that Apple is now expected to launch the payment service in Israel in the first week of May, which is due to a last minute change. Some reports that have come out recently have at the time, suggested that Apple Pay was due to […]

Apple Pay launches in Mexico today

Today, Apple Pay has launched in Mexico, adding support for customers to pay for items online and in store using iPhone and Apple Watch, with in app and online supported by iPad and Mac too. Supported banks and card companies ware accepting registrations too from today and they include – Citibanamex, Banorte, American Express, and MasterCard. Apple Pay launched back in 2014 alongside the original iPhone 6 and then launched in […]

Panera Bread is offering four months free coffee, if you use Apple Pay

Bakery chain in the US, Panera Bread has said out some marketing messages this week to customers with a new Apple Pay promotion located in the official Panera Bread app. If you sign up to the MyPanera+ Coffee subscription, which is $9 per month you’ll get et your first four months of coffee at no charge. The campaign is called “stay warm this winter with Apple Pay” is only availble […]

Apple Pay could launch in South Africa soon

Apple Pay could be set to be launching soon in South Africa it seems, with two banks from the country to be available when it launches, Nedbank and Discovery Bank. Some readers on MacRumors have already said that terms and conditions have been updated relating to Apple Pay. However as of writing, Apple is yet to say whether and when Apple Pay will be available in South Africa,

New York City subway now accepting Apple Pay, like TfL

The subway system in New York City is a few years behind our TfL system here in the UK in terms of what services is supports for payments, back when Apple Pay came out in June 2015 in the UK, London’s TfL network of buses, trams, underground, trains and even the cable cars were one of the first places it was able to be used and even before then, contactless card […]