Ultra-focused Alpine A110 R on sale now, priced from £89,990 in the UK

This week, Alpine has put the all new and hardcore A110 R on sale in the UK. Prices are way above that of the standard A110 sports car and Alpine will even offer a limited “Fernando Alonso Edition” which will be priced at £129,440. Alpine revealed the A110 R in October this year and is designed to be a more hardcore, stripped out and a car that has been made […]

Alpine announces the A110 R, a new track focused edition of the car

Alpine has this week announced the all new A110 R, designed to be a more hardcore and track focused car. The A110 R is much lighter than the standard A110 models and will sit above the A110, GT and S and will cost more than £70,000. The whole car only ways just over one tonne and has the same engine as all of the A110 models. The A110 R is […]

Alpine refreshes the A110 for 2022

Alpine has recently refreshed its only model, the A110 sports coupé. When the A110 was launched back in 2017 it was very well received, but had a couple of niggles, such as the infotainment screen lacking Apple CarPlay and another modern add ons which are common place now, in 2021. The other common complaint was the lack of a manual gearbox, sadly this has not been addressed with this revision. […]

Alpine announces new A110 Légende GT

Alpine has revealed a new high end version of the A110 sports car, with the Légende GT. This new trim level has a fe unique design features as well as being in a limited run. Alpine will only make 300 units to be shared in Europe and the UK, with prices at £61,655 which is quite a jump from the standard car, at £46,900. The new car will have the […]