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Charging Status is back! After a short absence, the UK and Ireland focused EV podcast is back with a new co-host. I am now joined by Jim Starling from the YouTube channel, DefinitelyNotAGuru and we discuss the latest EV and charging news from the past month. As mentioned in the February episode, James Bilsbrough can no longer take part in the show due to now working in the EV industry. In this episode, we talk about our upcoming visit to Fully Charged South 2023, the new E-Transit Courier, Jonny Smith’s video on the new Morris JE van and for the new Jim’s Drives segment, we talk about the GWM Ora Funky Cat and the Genesis GV70 Electrifed & GV60.

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Chapters and Story Links

00:00:00: Advertisement
00:00:21: Intro
00:01:33: Announcement
00:03:08: Volkswagen introduces new ID.3 facelift
00:05:56: Kia EV9 announced
00:08:20: The USPS is purchasing around 9k Ford electric vans
00:10:32: Volkswagen to announce new Multivan based California this year
00:13:21: BMW stops offering most diesel models in the UK
00:13:58: SMMT March 2023 sales
00:16:25: Ford announces new electric E-Transit Courier
00:18:54: Leicester invests £3m in new electric buses as it ditches diesel
00:21:15: Volkswagen starts taking orders for the new ID.3 in Germany
00:22:05: Lotus starts delivering the all-electric Eletre in China
00:24:05: Jonny Smith: Morris JE Van Review
00:26:28: Volkswagen debuts the ID. 2all concept, to launch in 2026
00:28:59: ID.2 Autogefühl Video
00:30:19: Crisis looms as used electric car values plummet
00:33:27: Electric car values are plummeting, according to Cap HPI
00:33:45: Charging News
00:33:51: Surrey to install 10,000 new EV chargers by 2030
00:35:50: Tesla has opened up more Superchargers in Europe for non-Tesla cars to use
00:38:32: Tesla opens the first V4 Supercharger in the Netherlands
00:39:21: Jim’s Drives
00:39:32: Jim’s Genesis GV70 Review
00:41:05: Jim’s Genesis GV60 Review
00:42:27: Jim’s GWM Ora Funky Cat Review
00:44:47: Wrapping up

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