Audi has removed the S4 and S5 diesels from sale in the UK

As time goes on, diesel is becoming less and less popular. Over the last few years, countless manufacturers have been removing diesel options and the next victims are the Audi S4 and Audi S5 . Both models have not sold in any great quantities, with just 198 units of the S4 and S4 Avant being sold in 2023 alone. For the whole of 2022, Audi only sold 137 S4 cars. […]

Audi SQ8 e-tron now on sale in the UK

Audi has put the new high end SQ8 e-tron SUV on sale here in the UK, priced from £97,500. The new car offers a high end option in the Q8 e-tron model range, with three motors in this performance focused model. The motor system has 370kW and 973 Nm of torque and is available in both SUV or Sportback coupe style. Both vehicles have the same battery, a 106kWh unit, […]

Audi stops selling the RS3 in the UK due to high demand

Audi has taken the RS3 saloon and hatchback off sale this week in the UK, as the current levels of demand have completely outstripped what Audi can keep up with. Audi has confirmed the fact it has been removed from sale, with no concrete time frame on when it will return. The current fourth-generation of RS3 has been on sale in the UK since 2021 and when we reached out […]

Audi reveals SQ8 E-tron to sit at the top of the lineup, at £115,000

Audi has today revealed the new SQ8 E-tron to sit at the top of the lineup, at £115,000. Audi has recently revamped the Q8 E-tron lineup, having been named from simply E-tron to now Q8 E-tron to help place the models better in the rest of the Audi range. The standard Q8 E-tron is on sale now, priced from £68,000 whereas the SQ8 model is almost double, at £115,000. This […]

Audi launches new RS 3 performance edition, with 401bhp

This week, Audi revealed a new limited edition of the RS 3 with a new performance edition, which has even more power than before, with it being louder too. The Audi RS3 is already considered one of the most powerful hot hatchbacks out there, with its only rival being the Mercedes-AMG A45 S. The new RS 3 performance edition isn’t coming to the UK, as it is being produced in […]

Audi debuts TT RS Iconic Edition, the last version before the car is discontinued

Audi has today revealed what will be the swan-song for the iconic Audi TT. The all new TT RS Iconic Edition will be the last special edition for the car and will be available in very limited numbers only. The new car will be available sometime next year and will launching for the last few months that Audi will be making the TT for. Audi hasn’t yet explained what will […]

Audi releases software update for the e-tron 55, adds 12 miles of additional range

Audi has just released a new software update for the e-tron 55 SUV, the company’s first electric car. The new update isn’t just the usual bug fixes, Audi has managed to squeeze some extra range out of it, adding an extra 12 miles for the 95kWh versions. However, unlike Tesla’s and the VW I.D family of cars, the e-tron can’t be updated over the air, it needs taking back to […]

Audi launches new RWD R8 V10

Audi has launched a new rear wheel drive version of the Audio R8 supercar this week, Wirth the R8 V10 Performance RWD. Audi has now stopped selling the standard R8 in the UK and when the new version goes on sale later this month, every version will be the new ‘Performance’ models. Audi will still be selling all wheel drive versions, alongside the new rear wheel drive option. This does […]

New 2021 Audi RS3 now up for order, starting at £50,900

Audi launched the new RS3 earlier last month, with a tweaked design, brand new, four-wheel drive system, 395bhp from the five cylinder engine and a starting price of £50,900. Coming in either the Sportback and Saloon options. The third generation RS3 is now available to order from this week, with first customer deliveries taking place from November 2021. The RS3 Sportback is £50,900 and the Saloon is £51,900. Both come […]

Audi introduces new RS3 with nearly 400bhp

Audi has introduced a brand new version of its RS3 hot hatch and saloon, this time for the third generation Audi has given it 394bhp, new four wheel drive system and like the old Ford Focus RS and new Golf R, a drift mode for the first time. The new RS3 is based on the latest fourth generation A3, which was revealed in April 2020 and comes in traditional hatchback […]